[Zope] Re: Contract opportunity in Washington, DC

Robin S. Socha robin-dated-1024755254.58f63b@socha.net
Wed, 19 Jun 2002 10:17:18 -0400

* eric n. dunn <eric.n.dunn@bankofamerica.com> writes:
> JAllen@PorterNovelli.com on 06/19/2002 09:44:45 AM

>> We're Porter Novelli's DC-based Interactive Division and we're looking
>> for a few good contract Zope developers to help up build some awesome
>> applications.

> Great!  We're looking for 4 JAVA developers for the Norfolk VA
> (Hampton Roads) area 2 jounior and 2 senior...

Rad, man! I'm looking for a cheap contract killer for at least two
induhviduals in North America currently abusing a technical mailing
list for commercial purposes.
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