[Zope] how to return a new object from a pythonscript ?

Joachim Schmitz js@aixtraware.de
Thu, 20 Jun 2002 15:48:13 +0200


I have a python-script getArtikel, which return items from a=20
ZPatterns-Rack, like so:

return item

this works fine, now I want to override some of the attributes of the item:

setattr(item.text,item.text_english) # the attribute text_english exists
return item

but that results in an error: attributeless object assign or del.

I solved that problem by creating a dictionary, and "copying" the=20
attributes into it.
but now - of course - my python expressions
python: here.getArtikel.date.strftime('%d.%m.%Y')
in the pagetemplates complain that there is no attribute "date", and I have =

to change all those attribute references to=20

I know that I cannot change object-attributes in scripts. Is there a simple =

solution for this ? Or is it simply not possible ?

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