[Zope] Checkboxes/SQL data type problem

Thomas B. Passin tpassin@mitretek.org
Thu, 20 Jun 2002 11:40:45 -0400

[Dieter Maurer]

> You know that all parameters passed from an HTML form are strings
> in the first place. Thus, what looks like a list of integers is
> probably a single string that just looks like a list.

No, it really is a list.  You can use it in a dtml-in, for example.  It is a
list even if you don't use the ":list" syntax, as long as you have more than
one input element with the same name.

I just tried this to confirm my memory, and the following worked:

In the form:

  <input name='p3' value='p3-1'><br>
  <input name='p3' value='p3-2'><br>

In the dtml file that the form calls (i.e., the action attribute of the

   <dtml-in p3>

The result:


You can also call a Python script with REQUEST as a parameter and use
REQUEST.p3 as a list.


Tom P