[Zope] commercial versus open source

Bill Kerr kerrb@senet.com.au
Fri, 21 Jun 2002 07:44:52 +0930

has anyone written an evaluation of the dreamweaver / asp / php / flash
approach compared with the zope approach ?
I don't know much about it myself
I'm looking for something to find out more more myself and to show to
colleagues who unthinkingly are going down the commercial path
looking for something analytical and substantial that would stand up to
scrutiny and help me identify the key issues
ie. separation of presentation from logic but going into it, not just
stating it
meanwhile, I'll keep learning zope and python, which I'm enjoying btw
- Bill Kerr
ps,. here's an extract from the mail that prompted this question
prices are educational (I'm a school teacher)
pps. I'm chucking in asp and php because someone told me that dreamweaver
supports them

The Company is Network Educational Australia
Freecall: 1800 801 332
web: www.network-ed.com.au

Bundle 1: Web Design Studio (Dreamweaver 4 - soon MX, Fireworks 4 - soon MX,
Flash MX, Freehand 10) plus curriculum materials
15 for $2200
30 for $3300 - (local - $6840)
50 for $4950

Bundle 2: Web Design Studio - as above + Director 8.5 Shockwave studio +
Authorware plus curriculum materials
30 for $4400 - (local - $32,550)