[Zope] running zope from behind router / firewall

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If you are using a linksys router you may want to look at the DMZ option.
This totally exposes the server but it does not limit you to just 10 ports.
See the documentation that came with your router.

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Could anyone point me to some resources for running zope behind a router 
(e.g., a 
linksys router)?  My goal: isolate the (linux) server in my office to just 
server tasks 
(apache, zope, slashcode) and let another (windows) machine share the single

connection in the office (no chance of getting another ethernet connection).

I need to be 
able to connect another machine because someone else will be sharing my 
office, and I 
don't want that person inadvertantly messing up my server (and because the 
person has meager skills and won't transition to linux easily even if he
allowed to 
use the server).

What I've done so far:
1) I set up the router with ip addresses, etc., copied from the server
2) I then assigned the server a fixed ip address as advised by linksys 
3) I then configured the router to forward requests to the
--that is, I 
have directed all http to port 80 at  So now apache works fine.

I did the 
same ssh, ftp, etc, and I can ssh and ftp into the machine as well.  I 
assigned 8080 to the 
ip address of the server (zope is at 8080) but no luck seeing zope.  I set
the mysql 
server at the standard port, forwarded to the fixed ip as above.  But also
contacting the mysql server.

Can anyone point me to a page of instructions or make any suggestions?


rhood at mtsu edu

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