[Zope] more about running zope from behind a router

rhood rhood@mtsu.edu
Sat, 22 Jun 2002 18:44:44 -0500

Steven said:

If you are using a linksys router you may want to look at the DMZ option.
This totally exposes the server but it does not limit you to just 10 ports.
See the documentation that came with your router.

I can try DMZ.  Thanks.  I would like a better understanding of why even 
though I've 
assiend 8080 to zope I don't see zope from the outside at all.  It should just 
be a simple 
web port, so I don't get it.

So the main problem right now is that I don't see zope at all.  I've assigned 
the port 8080 
in the router, and can see it behind the firewall when I use a different 
machine, but can't 
access zope from outside.