[Zope] IDE for ZOPE

Philipp Auersperg phil@bluedynamics.com
Sun, 23 Jun 2002 11:19:34 +0200

Check out Boa-Constructor (http://boa-constructor.sf.net) developped by 
our friend Riaan Booysen,
it is by far the best IDE for python, inspired by Delphi.

There is a built-in Zope-support (called ZOA, initi, where it installes 
a small server-sided module
into Zope and you can edit PythonScripts, ZPTs, DTML,....

It's flexible object-oriented design makes it easy to extend it to write 
support for different
Zope object types.

Boa supports debugging of Zope applications:
Python code, Python Scripts (no on else can do that yet), and in near 
future ZPTs.

My Partner Robert Boulanger will give a Lightening Talk at EuroPython 
dealing with Boa.
see the announcement here:

To run it you need wxPython, it exists for Linux and Windows, when you 
download Boa from sf.net please take tha latest CVS to get the latest 

Since Boa is an open-source project, contributors of code are always 


Raj NS wrote:

>hi list
>I dont want to hogg this list. So,I have made a egroup
>at yahoo for making a open source GUI based IDE for
>Zope. Here are the details
>Group Name  IDE-ZOPE  
>Group Email Address  ide_zope@yahoogroups.com  
>Post message: ide_zope@yahoogroups.com 
>Subscribe:  ide_zope-subscribe@yahoogroups.com 
>Don't forget to read Opening message.
>Happy zopping
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