[Zope] timeout on external methods?

Granzow, Doug (NCI) granzowd@mail.nih.gov
Mon, 24 Jun 2002 09:04:51 -0400

I only got one reply to this message, from someone who said they weren't
aware of any such timeout.  Surely someone knows something about this.

Here is some more information:  As I said before, Zope is calling a Perl
script which takes >5 minutes to process.  Exactly five minutes after I
submit the request in my browser, the following happens:

IE 6.0:  IE apparently automatically tries to resubmit the request, and a
second copy of the perl script is launched.  After 10 minutes, IE comes back
with an error "This page cannot be displayed"

Netscape:  At five minutes, Netscape displays "The document contains no

Opera 6.0.3:  At five minutes, Opera displays "Connection closed by remote

Is this 5 minute timeout configurable?  Where does it come from?


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> From: Granzow, Doug (NCI) 
> Sent: Friday, June 21, 2002 2:45 PM
> To: 'zope@zope.org'
> Subject: [Zope] timeout on external methods?
> I have a page in Zope which calls a Perl script via an 
> External Method.  The
> perl script takes a long time to complete -- about 8 minutes. 
>  After exactly
> 5 minutes, I see a second perl process launched by Zope.  At 
> 8 minutes, the
> first perl process completes, but I do not see the response 
> in my browser.
> After 10 minutes, I get "This page cannot be displayed" in my 
> browser, but
> the second perl process is still running.
> Does Zope have a timeout that is causing it to re-try the 
> perl script after
> 5 minutes?  Is this adjustable?