[Zope] Zope services in the UK

Elliot Smith e.smith@bham.ac.uk
Mon, 24 Jun 2002 15:47:05 +0100

Hello all,

I wasn't really sure where to post this question, so settled for the
most generic list. I apologise if this is off-topic.

I work for the University of Birmingham and my team is interested in the
potential of Zope as a platform for certain types of site we routinely
create (principally those requiring simple content-management-type
solutions). However, we would probably need some training and initial
consultation to help us decide how to manage the implementation.

So, my question: does anyone on this list belong to a Zope support
services organisation within the UK, who would be willing to spend half
a day talking through our requirements? Or is there anyone out there
with recommendations about agencies to contact, or experience of support
from such an agency? Anyone with experience of using Zope (supported or
not) within a HE environment? Any hints would be useful.

Thanks in advance.
Elliot Smith
Web Development Engineer
Corporate Web Team
Information Services
University of Birmingham
email: e.smith@bham.ac.uk
telephone: 0121 414 7108