[Zope] Publishing pure HTML

Dieter Maurer dieter@handshake.de
Mon, 24 Jun 2002 22:03:05 +0200

Dennis Allison writes:
 > I have a fairly large site with lots of images ( >10,000) that I want to publish in 
 > a CMF/Plone environment.  It's a requirement that the HTML stuff be available in a 
 > file system and incrementally mutable.  Moreover, the link structure should not be 
 > changed so the site can be run standalone as well as integrated into a Zope wrapper.
 > Finally, parts of the the HTML site need to be renderable inside Zope objects.
 > The ExternalFile Product gets me part of the way there but there are pproblems becasue
 > it works with wrappers and mimics DTML publication.  Every reference file needs a wrapper.
 > Files are treated as if they were DTML Documents, Images, or whatever.  But they are 
 > still processed as if they contained dynamic content.  
You may look at "LocalFS" or "ExtFile".

Maybe, you can even use CMF's File System Directory Views (but I am not
sure, whether they interpret the "html" suffix).