[Zope] Zope Sessions ques

Aseem Mohanty aseem@neurobehavioralsystems.com
Mon, 24 Jun 2002 05:12:48 -0700

Can anybody tell me how to do this CST stuff in Zope Sessions :

(sessiondatamgr is a CST data manager)
data = sessiondatamgr.getSessionData()

I tried the following:

data = session_data_manager.getSessionData()
bid = session_data_manager.getBrowserIdManager()

but it doesnt do the thing ie kill a session.

also whats the Zope Session equivalent of  isTokenNew() in CST??

finally any other docs regarding Zope Sessions other than the Zope Book 
and shopping cart example because they are extremely simple cases, and 
didnt help me at all in converting my stuff from CST to Zope Sessions.


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