[Zope] Calling a DTML Method with arguments

douwe@oberon.nl douwe@oberon.nl
Tue, 25 Jun 2002 08:31:15 +0200

> So I pulled out one of my old dtml methods for sending mail and tried to
> stick a call to it inside a dtml-in loop.  And I got stuck.  How do I call
> the DTML Method?  I tried calling it as: <dtml-call
> "method(arg1='test')">.
> Didn't like that.  I'm calling from a DTML Document, which has its own
> namespace, so I figured the method would use that, so I tried <dtml-call
> "method">.  This at least began executing the method, though it did give a
> KeyError on the data from the sequence.

I'm not quite following exactly what you are doing, but in general if you
to call a dtml method from python (and from dml if you enclose the commands
in double
quotes), you'll have to pass the request and context objects as parameters
as in

print context.standard_html_header(context,request)