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eric.n.dunn@bankofamerica.com eric.n.dunn@bankofamerica.com
Tue, 25 Jun 2002 10:50:39 -0400

Forgive my simple mindedness but
Is this the entire script?
Parameter List?

Ioan Coman <ioan2k@yahoo.com> on 06/25/2002 04:07:38 AM

To:   Eric N. Dunn/USA/BAC@BankofAmerica
Subject:  Re: FastSiteSearch & SiteSearch

My search scripts look for Folders, dtml documents &

Use this python script to find meta_type_name of

print "<html><pre>"
for i in context.objectItems():
   print "%s has type '%s'" %
print "</pre></html>"
return printed

Then you'll find that Yihaw folder has meta type
'YihawChannel' !!!!!!!!!

Once info about types is collected you can change
search scripts to look also for 'YihawChannel' or

I never tested Yihaw stuff!
Today is my first download of it!
It looks slow (maybe my computer is overloaded)
and not so easy to use it!
I'm tired doing stuff for admins.
Is time to let clients to add theyr own documents.

Play with it if you want!
(I can make another and better one,
but now I'm working to an SQL powered forum)

Ask me more when you'll need help!


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