[Zope] Acquisition Template

Marco Catunda catunda@pobox.com
25 Jun 2002 15:24:31 -0300


	What's diference between this code?

	1. tal:repeat="dirDoc here/objectValues"

	2. tal:repeat="dirDoc python:container.objectValues('Folder')"

	This template, called "t1" and "t2" respectivaly, 
	is in /web folder.

	I execute it at the same URL path /web/other/t1 and

	The first one gave me a /web/other folder's content,
	and the second gave me a /web folder's content.
	I didn't undestand the result of second template.

	How do I translate "here/objectValues" to
	the same code using python script? What's
	the code of python script could substitute
-- Marco Catunda