[Zope] Re: FastSiteSearch & SiteSearch

Casey Duncan casey@zope.com
25 Jun 2002 15:39:26 -0400

On Tue, 2002-06-25 at 11:07, eric.n.dunn@bankofamerica.com wrote:
> Actually, I like the FastSiteSearch
> (http://www.zope.org/Members/Ioan/FastSiteSearch) better since I need to put
> a search engine on an old Zope 2.3 site that doesn't have Python Scripts
> installed.
> This is a Production site with 32000 hits a month by 200+ users
> They rely heavily  on Yihaw Directory Product.
> Is there a way to configure the 3 (FastSiteSearch) objects to find Yihaw
> Folders and other Yihaw objects via meta-data and (better yet) the content
> of the Yihaw object?
> Right now, the problem is the ZCatalog doesn't do a good job on finding
> numerics (i.e. check number 1234, etc).
> It also searches on HTML code (i.e search on 100 brings back html tag 100%)
> Any help appreciated,
> Eric Dunn

ZCTextIndex solves all of the problems you describe and does a much
better job scoring results to boot! It can be dropped in as a
replacement for exising textindexes in ZCatalog.

It comes with Zope 2.6, but can be installed in Zope 2.5 as a standalone
product. You just have to compile the C extensions in it. (Copy
Makefile.pre.in into the product, do: make -f Makefile.pre.in boot &&