[Zope] Danish characters in Zope on win2000

gardsted@tiscali.dk gardsted@tiscali.dk
Tue, 25 Jun 2002 22:54:42 +0200

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>From: "Oliver Marx" <oliver@tekk.dk>
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>Subject: RE: [Zope] Danish characters in Zope on win2000
>Date: Sun, 16 Jun 2002 14:00:01 +0200
>1. I'm using the same system as you in terms of Zope and Python
>2. I start Zope with (z2.py -D -L danish_denmark)
>3. I don't have the problem.

Thank You for Your investigation.
I can do it now too.
It seemed my favorite non MS browser was the problem :(
I can do it right using MSIE :|

My browser delivered strange characters in through the zope management in=
im afraid.

regards Jorgen