[Zope] Windows helper application for External Editor 0.4

Roger Erens rerens@dela.org
Wed, 26 Jun 2002 08:56:25 +0200

Thumbs up for the friendly installation process!

After installing (without myself touching anything, except for my coffee
mug) clicking on the pencil icon next to a python script resulted in firing
up gvim on my Win2000 machine. gvim didn't start up for
dtml-methods/documents nor page templates.
That's where I had to change the #editor line in the ZopeEdit.ini file to
explicitly define gvim61 as my editor.

What remains is that syntax colouring works for python and templates but not
for the dtml-methods/documents.
(using the vim command :set ft=dtml results in what I'd like to happen
Any ideas?

Best regards,
Roger Erens