[Zope] Out of Memory Error with ExternalFile

Uwe Schuerkamp uwe@schuerkamp.de
Wed, 26 Jun 2002 12:05:34 +0200

hi folks, 

I've run into a problem using Zope 2.6.1a1 and ExternalFile 1.0.1
on Alpha/OSF. 

I have added an ExternalFile object which points to a tar file about
80MB in size. It correctly sets content-type application/x-tar, but
when I try to download the file using the Zope object I get an
"Out of memory" error from Zope. 

The file is accessible by zope and lives in a subdirectory called
"extfile" within the zope installation. Python Version 2.1.3 with
bigger thread stack size patch applied.

Thanks in advance for any help on this subject! 


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