[Zope] working with sessions

Alejandro Fernandez ale@e-group.org
Wed, 26 Jun 2002 19:25:28 +0200


Firstly: for a live site, ie one that's actually going to be used
commercially, what is best: zsession or the default session environment
shown at the end of the "using basic zope objects" chapter of the zope

If the second is okay, then where can I find a howto or other docs that
might show me how to set a value in a session using dtml? The reason is I
don't want to have to do a python script each time I want to set a
value... I don't know if this reasoning is justified...

I've been trying 

<dtml-with SESSION mapping>
<dtml-call set('banana',1)> (or SESSION.set, without the dtml-with)
<dtml-var banana>

But it gives a keyerror. All the examples I've found online and in the
shopping cart example or in the zope book are python scripts. Is there a
reason for this?



Alejandro Fernandez
Electronic Group Interactive