[Zope] XUF Upgrade Problem

Gustavo M. Palomares Reyes gpalomares@proceso.com.mx
Thu, 27 Jun 2002 12:34:06 -0500


I just upgrade my XUF from version 0.9.0 to version 0.10.9. Before this
upgrade my login form was working fine, but when I upgrade to the latest
version my login form stop working, i tried to loggon with a username and a
password but I couldnt, for some reason cannot loggin in and  dont know why
this happens.

In the upgrade process i did this:

- Unpack the exuserfolder-0.10.9.tgz in my Product directory (overwritting
the older version)
- restart zope to take the changes
- Verify in my product managment the version of the product, it was ok

I also create a new user with my singup form and it works fine.. but the
loging didnt

Would somebody helpme please?