[Zope] FTP issue or Alternative

Ahsan Imam Ahsan.Imam@newtimes.com
Thu, 27 Jun 2002 12:04:07 -0700

Hello All,

I am trying to FTP images into various zope directories. Some of the
images show in zope as 0k. When I check these out in the file system
they are greater than 0k and I can view them. So I put like a 5 second
sleep in my script before every image is ftp'ed. This method did reduce
the number of 0k files however it did not eliminate the problem.

I do not want to use the use 5 second method as the scripts takes a very
long time to complete.

Is there something I am not aware of?
What other method can I use?
Can I simply take a OS directory structure and import it into zope? I am
not sure how.
Can you point me some sample code or literature.

Your help or guidance is much appreciated.