[Zope] textarea/newline-mess

Page Page page@hotmail.ro
Thu, 27 Jun 2002 22:18:34 +0300

I have a textarea-form here that looks like this:

<form action="manage_addTEXT" blabla...
<textarea blabla>
</textarea blabla>

The function

   manage_addTEXT(self, TEXT="")

gets the text from textarea as string in TEXT.
It splits the text by using 

   string.split(TEXT, '\n') 

into lines and stores each line in a database.
For editing the TEXT I use a .dtml-script that re-assembles
the text line by line:

    <textarea><dtml-in sqlFetchTEXT><dtml-var LINE></textarea>

Please note, that I write it all without any spacing between 
the tags. One could think that this results in having the
lines being displayed in the textarea like this:


but thats not the case. For some reason we see

How's that possible? string.split() removed all the newlines. 
If I check the database via

   select LINES from TEXTBASE

I see that each line is, in fact, stored separately.

If I call


directly, however, i.e. not from a form, and pass a bunch of lines
to it:


I end up with all lines concatenated into a single line in my
edit-form that so nicely displays the put in via a form.

Why is this so? There must be something about how \ns are 
conveyed via HTTP and how Zope handles it what I don't know.
Theories, anyone?


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