[Zope] German Content Management Framework

Page Page page@hotmail.ro
Fri, 28 Jun 2002 00:01:49 +0300

I plan to translate the CMF into German. My hope here is that
it is obsolete because someone else has done it for me. I have
searched for such a thing to no avail, though, so I guess I
got to bite the bullet myself (anyone who begs to differ -- go
ahead, make my day!) 

As far as I can tell at this point, the CMF is not localized, i.e.
there are no provisions for pulling the translation for a given
snippet of text out of some repository at run-time. Since this
whole idea is not necessarily all that great, I will translate
the CMF statically, <one>content</at> and one "string" at a time
and make it something like a German distribution.

The job is not as straightforward as I'd like to think, though.
The CMF is constantly under development and I don't want to
start from scratch whenever the community ships a new release.
It would be nice to have some tool-support for insulating and 
indexing content between tags and text in strings in order to
have at least SOME automatization. Has anybody seen such a thing
somewhere? Does anybody have any better idea on how to tackle the


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