[Zope] finding string1 or string2

Dieter Maurer dieter@handshake.de
Thu, 27 Jun 2002 21:35:52 +0200

p.t. writes:
 > I suppose your suggestion is valid "per se", i.e. not depending on 
 > manage_findAdv: in this case, is document_src() a method working with all 
 > documents having a source or only with DTML Document objects?
 > In other words, can I do something like:
 > myPythonScript.document_src().find(aString)
 > and expect it works?
I do not know whether all object types have a "document_src".
I checked (with my "DocFinder" product) that "PythonScripts" do.

"ZopeFind" (which is used by the "Find" tab) uses
"PrincipiaSearchSource" instead of "document_src".
Probably, this is more widely supported. But I really hate this
name (as well as "bobobase_modification_time") and therefore,
I told you the more about the method with the better name.