[Zope] Acquisition Template

Marco Catunda catunda@pobox.com
28 Jun 2002 12:26:29 -0300

A good term is really hard to find.

But, in Zope we have two terminology to do the same thing
context - in Python Scripts
here    - in Page Templates

It does't matter how the term is good or not, but I think
Zope should use the same term.
Do you know why 'here' is use in Page Templates instead of

-- Marco Catunda

On Thu, 2002-06-27 at 15:06, Dieter Maurer wrote:
> Marco Catunda writes:
>  > But in python expression in ZPT 'context.objectValues'
>  > doesn't exist. Why? I have to use 'here.objectValues'.
>  > I think it doesn't make sense...
> You see here the struggle to get the terminology right.
> It is not so easy to find a good term for what is called
>    self	     in External Methods
>    context   in Python Scripts
>    here	     in Page Templates
> Each time, the Zope developers notice that many Zope users still
> have problems to grasp the term, and choose another one...
> Me, too, I do not know a good term. Do you?
> Dieter