[Zope] SQLFile??

Page Page page@hotmail.ro
Fri, 28 Jun 2002 19:22:45 +0300

isn't there something like SQLFile? I'd like to collect all
SQL-queries in one or more files and incorporate them into
a product with a call like this:

    SQLFile(myVeryFineInstance, 'myVeryFineQueries')

and /myVeryFineInstance/ will be endowed with every query in the
file as a member-function. I got two hits from searching for
/SQLFile/ on Zope.org, but there is no software involved with them,
or so it seems. Miklos Nemeths /SQLSession/ uses a clever and 
fairly practical technology to implement an Ersatz-'SQLFile'. The
disadvantage of his approach is that interactive ad-hoc-changes
to the queries for debugging have to be duplicated in the .py-files
after debugging, so an SQLFile would be more handy. So: Is there
an SQLFile to be found under a less obvious name?



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