[Zope] Re: [Image-SIG] Installing PIL on Windows

Gary Speer gspeer@cortech.org
Fri, 28 Jun 2002 10:00:13 -0700

Hi Robert -
I understand your frustration installing PIL.  I have been trying off and on
for a couple months.  The Pythonware site since March has said the Windows
binary will be posted 'later this month'.  I requested an installer from the
Image group and the file I received hangs at the point that the installer
wants the Python path identified.  Per the readme, the source files on
Pythonware reportedly require a C+ or VB compiler that I do not have access
to.  I have followed the threads in this group and as best I can tell,
people are installing an older Zope (2.3.3) to use the older binaries and
some have been dropping the incremental patches and revisions over time as
the development programmers announce them.  No one has shared their log of
what files were added in what order.  I, too, don't know how to do a new
Win32 setup of Zope2.5.1 and its included Python release and have PIL
available to Zope.  I have no clue how to determine where Python sets its
path to know what directories are in it and to add the PIL directory to it.

It would be great if someone could post a how-to readable by newbies that
specifically linked to the current versions of all needed files instead of
another endless search of 'somewhere in the sourceforge site'.  I inquired
once with Python Labs and their response is 'buy a support package' for $2K
and we'll point you to the latest files.  Until I can demo this stuff, I
can't get a client to finance 'an interesting technology'.

I wish I could help.  Its extremely frustrating.  If I get more clues, I
will certainly share them with you.


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> From: <rmccain@gvpi.com>
I for some reason cannot seem to install the python Image Library on my
computer. I have tried every solution that I have seen or could think of
with no luck. Well I can actually get the PIL to install and import, its
just that when I try to work on an image I get the error that the python
imaging c library is not installed. I tried importing this library with no
luck. I put this under the dll directory, in just about every PIL directory
and no luck. I really need some help on this one. Maybe the exe
distribution will help me as that is the only version I could ever get to
work on my computer. I am currently running python 2.2, on a windows 98 os.
Please let me know if you have any solutions to my problem.


-Robert M. McCain
> You should use the windows download (make sure you have the one for Python
> 2). Place the DLL files somewhere in the python path, and place the PIL
> directory in the same place.
> That should be all.
> Best Regards
> Lennart Regebro
> Torped Strategi och Kommunikation AB