[Zope] Re: [Image-SIG] Installing PIL on Windows

Eric Woudenberg eaw@connactivity.connactivity.com
Fri, 28 Jun 2002 13:29:30 -0400

Hi Gary,

I haven't been following this thread closely, so I don't know if this
helps, but if you install the PY21 (Python 2.1) binary package from
Python labs that has a working PIL included in it.

Installation executable is here:

Executable Python binary ends up in /py21/python.exe

The py21 installation doesn't effect any other Python installations
you may have on your machine.


"Gary Speer" writes:

>Hi Robert -
>I understand your frustration installing PIL.  I have been trying off and on
>for a couple months.  The Pythonware site since March has said the Windows
>binary will be posted 'later this month'.  I requested an installer from the
>Image group and the file I received hangs at the point that the installer
>wants the Python path identified.  Per the readme, the source files on
>Pythonware reportedly require a C+ or VB compiler that I do not have access
>to.  I have followed the threads in this group and as best I can tell,
>people are installing an older Zope (2.3.3) to use the older binaries and
>some have been dropping the incremental patches and revisions over time as
>the development programmers announce them.  No one has shared their log of
>what files were added in what order.  I, too, don't know how to do a new
>Win32 setup of Zope2.5.1 and its included Python release and have PIL
>available to Zope.  I have no clue how to determine where Python sets its
>path to know what directories are in it and to add the PIL directory to it.
>It would be great if someone could post a how-to readable by newbies that
>specifically linked to the current versions of all needed files instead of
>another endless search of 'somewhere in the sourceforge site'.  I inquired
>once with Python Labs and their response is 'buy a support package' for $2K
>and we'll point you to the latest files.  Until I can demo this stuff, I
>can't get a client to finance 'an interesting technology'.
>I wish I could help.  Its extremely frustrating.  If I get more clues, I
>will certainly share them with you.
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>> From: <rmccain@gvpi.com>
>I for some reason cannot seem to install the python Image Library on my
>computer. I have tried every solution that I have seen or could think of
>with no luck. Well I can actually get the PIL to install and import, its
>just that when I try to work on an image I get the error that the python
>imaging c library is not installed. I tried importing this library with no
>luck. I put this under the dll directory, in just about every PIL directory
>and no luck. I really need some help on this one. Maybe the exe
>distribution will help me as that is the only version I could ever get to
>work on my computer. I am currently running python 2.2, on a windows 98 os.
>Please let me know if you have any solutions to my problem.
>-Robert M. McCain
>> You should use the windows download (make sure you have the one for Python
>> 2). Place the DLL files somewhere in the python path, and place the PIL
>> directory in the same place.
>> That should be all.
>> Best Regards
>> Lennart Regebro
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