[Zope] sorting SQL results with dtml-in - not working

Kelley, Sean SKelley@ci.santa-rosa.ca.us
Fri, 28 Jun 2002 11:13:30 -0700

> Hi,
> I am trying to provide a way to re-sort sql results in the form of a table
> by column name.  I have the column headings set as links which pass the
> sort order via the query string (<a
> href="http://ut-web/applications/iw/plancheck/show_all_html2?order=Company
> ">Company</a> )
> On the called page, I have the following line to sort the sql results but
> it seems to sort by something else and seems to be different each time.
> <dtml-in list_all_records sort="<dtml-var order> reverse" size=10
> start=query_start>
> Order is the name of the variable for each database field.  For example,
> sort could equal "Company"
> For whatever reason, I am getting weird results. I am still pretty weak at
> dtml so I am not seeing why.
> Sean