[Zope] Add PageTemplate: Undefined

Dieter Maurer dieter@handshake.de
Sun, 30 Jun 2002 23:39:39 +0200

Bryan C. Andregg writes:
 > [ I searched the archives and found some stuff replated to this but no
 > answers. ]
 > I have the PageTemplate product successfully installed. It works fine inside
 > of a CMF site that I'm creating. I'd like to migrate to the use of
 > PageTemplates for the rest of my site as well. When I select PageTemplate from
 > the pulldown add box I get an error site which says the error, the entire
 > error is "Undefined". Has anyone seen this before and solved it, and is
 > willing to share the solution?
Please look at the traceback.
It may be hidden in an HTML comment. In this case, you must look
at the page source.