[Zope] Re: Squid headaches

Toby Dickenson tdickenson@geminidataloggers.com
Sun, 1 Jun 2003 12:35:00 +0100

On Friday 30 May 2003 17:20, Wankyu Choi wrote:
> > Can you post a before and after of "Peer Cache Statistics"  page in squid
> > cachemanager CGI
> About 10 minutes ago, I caught Squid getting restarted. Every night at 1
> AM, the same thing happens: the packing script starts running; Squid
> declares peers dead; my cron job restarts Squid; the packing script keeps
> running; everything's back to normal, just a couple of minutes of a service
> blackout (the squid watch script runs every 10 minutes).
> Here goes 'Peer Cache Statistics' before and after the fact. Any ideas?

Could you tweak your script that restarts squid to grab a copy of that page 
before the restart?

Something is causing all ICP responses to be dropped for at least 10 seconds, 
or whatever you have squids dead_peer_timeout set to. You could try setting 
dead_peer_timeout longer, perhaps 30 seconds, but not too long because this 
also affects how long squid will wait before noticing that a peer has shut 

I'm still sure its not relevent, but have you tried this squid patch?

Toby Dickenson