[Zope] One or multiple ZCatalogs?

Garikoitz Araolaza garaolaza@codesyntax.com
Mon, 02 Jun 2003 11:54:29 +0200


We are working in a heavy content site, with about 87,000 content objects 
with full-text indexing (TextIndexNg). Usually read-only, rarely writing or 
updating contents on the ZODB.

Due to usability reasons, we'll never give "search in the whole site" 
search results, but "We found x results in the A section, we found y 
results in the B section...", although the users are able to search in the 
whole site.

So, we are deciding about giving search results with:

- One ZCatalog at the top. Launch it N times in order to give results from 
each path.


- N ZCatalogs, each one in one section.

For managing, it's clear that the second option is more useful. (I'm trying 
to index the whole site at once... what a pain!!)

What about the performance with high load? what is more expensive? calling 
8 times the same big ZCatalog, or calling 8 different (but smaller) 
ZCatalogs in the same request?

Thanks in advance

Garikoitz Araolaza

Azitaingo Industrialdea P3 K
Tel: +34 943 82 06 06