[Zope] Postgress and zope...

Dieter Maurer dieter@handshake.de
Mon, 2 Jun 2003 19:11:53 +0200

Jerry Westrick wrote at 2003-6-2 03:40 +0200:
 > I'm about to install nmy second Zope installation, 
 > and wish to know if any one has any hints and/or tips 
 > on installing postgress sql with zope.
 > In my first installation is had a real tough time getting
 > the 2 to work.

Thus, you learned what you made wrong and can do it better
this time ;-)

 > I was thinking about using all the standard SuSE 8.2 
 > versions...

I was *very* disappointed by SuSE 8.1 and decided that that
was my last SuSE version.

But there was not problem using SuSE 8.1's postgres installation.
It just worked.

I never used SuSE's Zope package as it was usually outdated
by one to two versions. I always fetched the Zope source
distribution and generated Zope locally.

With SuSE 7.3, the distributed Python interpreter was about
50 percent slower than one that I compiled myself.
I decided to use never again a Python interpreter distributed
by SuSE.

I use "psycopg" (and its associated DA) to access PostgreSQL
from Python/Zope. It has not been difficult to set up
(always read the "Installation" instructions, of course).