[Zope] Problem committing zope "version" objects

Chris McDonough chrism@zope.com
04 Jun 2003 02:03:36 -0400

It's farly difficult to maintain documentation that is riddled with very
specific references to open-ended time-sensitive bugs (sort of like
maintaining C code with lots of #ifdefs in them).

But apparently this bug has been fixed for 2.6.2, so it's probably a
good idea to mention in the book that "versions are somewhat broken up
to Zope 2.6.2".

Does this make sense?

- C

On Tue, 2003-06-03 at 16:16, Andy McKay wrote:
> > Chris, I'm CC'ing you to ask: Is there any chance the Zope Book
> > section on versions could get a big warning stamped on it?
> > I think it's really a disservice to new users that there's all
> > these docs and feature lists for Zope that tout the usefulness
> > of Versions, and inevitably the poor user discovers that versions 
> > have helpfully screwed their work.
> Most people go to the documentation when they find they have a problem,
> in this case when its too late. I dont think stamping a big warning in
> the documentation is enough. 
> With no real effort being made to solve them I would strongly suggest
> that versions are actually removed. Or somehow stamped in big letters in
> the ZMI "Buggy, liable to break things, alpha quality" :)
> -- 
>   Andy McKay
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