[Zope] Zope Error

Robby Gunawan Robby Gunawan <robbyg@i4te.com>
Wed, 04 Jun 2003 15:19:25 +0700

Dear all,

I've changed Survey.py and I got error when I try to enter a survey (I used PMPSurvey), the error is :

Error Type : Attribute Error
Error Value : voted

When I use link 'Voters', I got an error like this :

Error Type : Name Error
Error Value :  name 'voted' is not defined.

Can anyone help me?

FYI, I changed Survey.py based on Zope, Web Application Construction Kit by Martina Brockman at Chapter 8.



God Bless You,
 Robby                          mailto:robbyg@i4te.com