[Zope] Problem committing zope "version" objects

Tom P. Allred tom@allreddata.com
Wed, 04 Jun 2003 09:13:11 -0400

On Tue, 2003-06-03 at 16:16, Andy McKay wrote:
> > Chris, I'm CC'ing you to ask: Is there any chance the Zope Book
> > section on versions could get a big warning stamped on it?
> > I think it's really a disservice to new users that there's all
> > these docs and feature lists for Zope that tout the usefulness
> > of Versions, and inevitably the poor user discovers that versions
> > have helpfully screwed their work.
> Most people go to the documentation when they find they have a problem,
> in this case when its too late. I dont think stamping a big warning in
> the documentation is enough.

As a newbie who was bitten by Versions and has read the 2.6 docs, I'd like
to promote the idea of a warning label.  Although a ton of direct help is
provided by posters, many times I've seen the (appropriate) suggestion to
'read the book'.  I don't know who maintains the book or what their workload
is, but when a problem keeps snagging people wouldn't it be worth the time
to stop that by flagging the docs or adding an errata page, especially for
something like Versions that sounds like such a good idea?

Just my two cents.  No response required.  I understand this is fixed in
newer versions.

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