[Zope] FTP access and ssh-Port-Forward

Dieter Maurer dieter@handshake.de
Wed, 4 Jun 2003 20:24:40 +0200

Andreas Pakulat wrote at 2003-6-4 16:40 +0200:
 > I've got a problem with zope on Solaris system. I can access the
 > ftp-Port from within the LAN (being either there or using ssh to connect
 > to a server in the LAN) but not using a port forward for it. I can
 > however use http-Portforwarding over ssh, but ftp-Portforwarding only
 > gives me the possibility to login, the ls command "hangs" at entering
 > Passive Mode. If I turn off passive mode I get error 425 Cant build data
 > connection.
 > Has somebody a soluting how to get ssh-forwarded ftp Access to Zope?

FTP is a very difficult protocol with respect to forwarding and
FireWalls. That's because FTP uses two connections, a command
connection and a data connection. The latter is created on demand.
It is very difficult to forward the data connection.


  Transfer your data from outside into your LAN (e.g. via "scp")
  and then use a LAN FTP connection to Zope.

  Use WebDAV to directly transfer the content into Zope.

  Use "load_site.py" to import content (and something symmetrically
  for the reverse direction).