[Zope] Plone, RSS, pinging weblogs.com

Stephan Göldi goeldi@goeldi.com
05 Jun 2003 10:19:44 +0200

I read the following about pinging to weblogs.com, and want to ask, if
anybody knows, if this is possible in Plone, and if yes, how (found on

"Like most busy people that follow the blogging community I only have
time to frequent blogs that I know have new content. I have my blogrolls
set to mark all recently updated blogs with an asterisk. Sites that are
not marked as new will hardly ever get revisited.

Most habitual bloggers and blog readers do the same thing. If your site
doesn't get marked as new then your blog doesn't get the traffic it

To have your blog marked as new you must be pinging Weblogs.Com. Most
blogging software has this feature built right in so just check the
documentation or the Help file for instructions on how you can enable
it. (Even w.Bloggar has the ability!)"