[Zope] TTW Edit Lost when there is a syntax error

Chris Withers chrisw@nipltd.com
Thu, 05 Jun 2003 10:34:44 +0100

Dennis Allison wrote:
> I use vi with the external editor, but it has the same problem--if you 
> write and close and there is a syntax error, the changes are lost.  If I
> keep the edit open, there is a copy and you can recover--but there's no
> error information returned.
> And yes, we are using DTML.  It with Python meets our needs very well.
> And now we have legacy code, etc.

Well, if you want to stick with the nastiness of DTML (of which your current 
problem is only a tiny part) then you'll have to put up with it :-(

Yo ucan start writing new stuff in ZPT and leave your old stuff in DTML you know...