[Zope] Magic behavior of DateIndex in a ZCatalog

Lennart Regebro lennart@regebro.nu
Thu, 05 Jun 2003 16:03:05 +0200

Nico Grubert wrote:
> a)
> Does that mean, that "1073242822" has nothing to do with the float representation of time.time() ? 

They are not the same, that is correct.

> b)
> Does that mean, that "1073242822" is the same date + time as "2003/06/05 12:22:36.673 GMT+2" - it only has a different representation ? 


> How can I convert the value "1073242822" to a "YYYY/MM/DD" value ?

You can't. If you want the value of an indexed object attribute you use 
meta data fiels in the catalog. Generally, the values used in the 
indexes are of no use except for searching.

> Does the ZCatalog automatically transform input values like "2003/06/04" to these "10732..." values to search for objects ?