[Zope] How do I utilize manage_edit in a stand alone form?

grissom@qwickconnect.net grissom@qwickconnect.net
Thu, 05 Jun 2003 08:10:34 -0700


Thanks for the response.

What I was trying to do was create a stand alone form to
edit a DTML document. I am just about to wrap up an
extranet that Administrative assistants use to mange group
of files and had only one file that needed to be edited and
I don;t want them to have access to ZMI.

What isn't working is that once I make change to the text
displayed in the text area box and hit submit that nothing
is refreshed with the old data stored in the file and it is
not redirected.

I set up the DTML method that way because it was something
I had done with a different method and thought I could get
away with in again.

I am looking into trace back now.