[Zope] Storing Data inside Zope

Tom P. Allred tom@allreddata.com
Thu, 05 Jun 2003 10:06:33 -0400


Six or seven tables/datasets and very small amounts of data from a handful
of users.  My original question was whether it was bad from a philosophical
or practical perspective to use ZODB to store user data.  The answer appears
to be 'no'.

I'm currently using a File object for each record and storing the data as
Properties.  My record creation script uses the input form data in my
Formulator forms to define the File Properties so any changes I make in the
input form are automatically reflected in new data records.  I thought about
using ZClasses to define data objects but someone suggested ZClasses had
problems I didn't want to deal with.

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Andreas Jung wrote:
> there is some point in terms of performance, size, reliability and
> usability
> where I would choose a commercial fulltext  system over Zope. It is hard
> to say where is point is. The largest fulltext database I have ever build
> had about 10 million documents and about 60-70 GB of texts..I can not
> imagine having stored all these docs inside the ZODB + indexes.

It would certainly be interesting to try ;-)

What solution did you use for the above in the end?



PS: What number and size of documents are involved in the project being
discussed in this thread?