[Zope] [OffTopic]Browser Specific Issue

Shashank Ashtikar shashank@hbcse.tifr.res.in
Fri, 6 Jun 2003 10:11:08 +0530


> So in your case, the client and server are the same computer? Or else, the
> files in question are NFS mounted on both?
The first case true.

> Otherwise, there's no way the external method on the *server* could
> directly manipulate the file on the *client*!  (That really would be a
> security violation -- and I can tell you the web doesn't work like
> that! :-D).

Yeah I found that a out little late. I just wish I could find some time
to read Zope Devlopers guide, I ve been dying to do that for
some time now.

> If that's what it did before, then, yeah, I think you're going to be doing
> some rewriting.  It shouldn't be hard, though -- you just eliminate the
> "f = open(filename, 'r')" with something that directly assigns the file I/O
> object.  The whole point of file I/O objects (StringIO and presumeably
> HTTPFileUpload) is that they act just like files.

I was also planning to do something similar. Hope I won't be breaking it again.