[Zope] can't start zope after upgrade Please help !!

Dieter Maurer dieter@handshake.de
Fri, 6 Jun 2003 21:00:20 +0200

> ...
P tiLux wrote at 2003-6-6 14:57 +0100:
 > My production data are on this server and I don't wand to loose them...

Do not worry. Keep a copy at a safe place.

 > I have
 > a copy of the data files before crash, but I don't know if I can reuse them. 

Try it.

 > Could anyone help me to restart zope ?

Activate Zope logging (--> "doc/LOGGING.txt") and see whether
the log file contains any hints.

If this does not help, start Zope with "-M m_log".
This is the detailed request log file.
Unlike "Z2.log" (which logs only finished requests),
the detailed log file logs 4 events for any (complete) request:
the request arrival with ZServer, the request delivery to Zope,
the request completion by Zope and the transmittion of
the complete response.
This gives you precise information on where the problem lies.