[Zope] Squid vs Apache+mod_proxy+mod_gzip

george donnelly list@zettai.net
Mon, 09 Jun 2003 12:37:54 -0400

[Toby Dickenson wrote (tdickenson@geminidataloggers.com) on 6/9/03 11:33 AM]

>> also, with squid, how do people get useful logs for analysis by awstats etc
>> out of it? based on what I've looked at, the logs are not as detailed as
>> those given by apache.
> The squid native log has extra fields relating to proxying that apache logs do
> not (for example, which back-end zope server handled the request, and why
> that one was chosen). I am using Analog which parses this log nicely,
> ignoring the fields that it doesnt know about.
> The squid native log is missing referrer and user agent information, but those
> fields are stored in seperate log files.
> Is there anything else you thought was missing?

no that was about it, thanks to all who have answered my post.

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