[Zope] Re: Squid vs Apache+mod_proxy+mod_gzip

Maik Jablonski maik.jablonski@uni-bielefeld.de
Mon, 09 Jun 2003 21:18:12 +0200

george donnelly wrote:
> getting back to my original question...
> Those who have experience with Apache, Squid and Pound, which do you get the
> best results from in terms of site responsiveness (speediness) and
> robustness?

- If you need/want caching, nothing can beat Squid... Squid turns a 
low-end-server into an enterprise-mainframe (regarding cached 
pages)...;) But aggressive caching is no fun at all, if your clients use 
IE. IE's automatic page reload is buggy, so it can happen, that your 
clients don't see a new page for half a year.

- If you don't need/want server-side-caching, Pound is a wonderful tool 
to protect Zope from the nasty internet. Easy to install, 
security-audited and VERY, VERY robust. I use it a lot and haven't had 
any troubles with it. Small and beautiful. I love it... Sure, it has no 
caching features at all...

- If you need flexibility, use Apache... Personally I don't like the 
idea of running a web-server (Apache) in front of another web-server 
(Zope). But Apache is something like Emacs for the WWW... it can serve 
you even coffee...

Cheers, Maik