[Zope] Re: stripping .html ending in an id

Josef Meile jmeile@hotmail.com
Tue, 10 Jun 2003 20:10:38 +0200

> Hi, I have a quick question to someone out there. It seems that there's no
> easy way to do this (although I'm rather new to zope (~a week), so I could
> be wrong). What I need to do is take the ID variable of a page in a dtml
> method call and remove the .html suffix in order to use it as the title of
> a page.
I've seen several answers to your question and I think they are valid. I
a suggestion: Why don't you just write something in the field Title of your
contents? I think it's easier and looks much better to do somethink like:

<dtml-var title>

instead of having to strip the id of your documents.