[Zope] Zope Best Possible Installation

Jake Berglund jwb@imeme.net
Wed, 11 Jun 2003 00:36:50 -0600


I have run Zope on Linux, FreeBSD, and Windows2K, with and without Apache.

I thought Debian GNU/Linux with Apache as the proxy worked fine.
I run FreeBSD now because of security, though there are some 
complications with the default python.

I definately prefer one of the unices to microsoft though.

Hope that helps,

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Børge Kjeldstad wrote:

> Hei,
> Say I wanted to use Zope and I had enough money to buy a fairly good 
> server to run it on.
> Further, say I could choose the OS I wanted (Linux or Microsoft)
> And further,say I wanted Zope (some time in the future) to communicate 
> with some other
> programs that I am yet not aware of (these could be an 
> sql-database,some math-programs and more).
> What would then be the best Zope installation I could make? Would it 
> be Zope with Linux and Apache?
> (This might be an hopeless question, but we’ll try J)
> Best regards!
> Børge Kjeldstad