[Zope] Problems with CookieCrumbler and ExternalEditor

Andreas Pakulat ap125@informatik.uni-rostock.de
Wed, 11 Jun 2003 22:04:22 +0200


I seem to have a problem with CookieCrumbler and ExternalEditor. I
installed both and they work. I installed a cookiecumbler into the
Rootfolder, now I see the login_form of my Website whenever I access
the /manage URL. While that's not a problem in the first place, it makes
using ExternalEditor impossible, as the DAVLock is not done. If I remove
the cookieauthentication Object, Logout and Login using HTTP-Auth I can
use ExternalEditor again. If I then recreate the cookie_authentication
and logout I'm not really logged out (free access to /manage). But
restarting the Browser helps and the I log in using the websites
login_form and clicking on a ExternalEdit Link I get a 401 Unauthorized
Access Message from the ExternalEditor.

Is there a possibility to use both together?


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