[Zope] Help: Unzuthorized Context on sub-object of product sub-class

jkinsley jkinsley@bticc.net
Sun, 15 Jun 2003 17:26:37 -0400 (EDT)

I am working on a large multiple object application product and in 
one module I have encountered an unauthorized context' error that I 
have been unable to solve over several days now.  The following 
classes make up the module causing me problems.  Most of the classes 
are pure Python and used outside of Zope as well.

class KVItem:
	""" A (key, value) object that contains metadata about key 
	    and value and that when displayed as a string is 
	def getType(self): return self._type
	def getKey(self): return self._key
	def getVal(self): return self._val
	def getFlags(self): return self._flags
class KVItems:
	""" A collection of KVItem objects """
	def getKVItems(self): return self._items

class URLBase:
	""" Basic URL class """

class Query:
	""" A URL Query Class """

	def __init__(self, query=None, **qitems):
		if query is None: query = qitems

	def getQueryItems(self):
		""" Returns a list of KVItem objects that make up the query """
		return self._query.getKVItems()

class URL(URLBase, Query): pass

class Link(URL, LinkTracker):
	""" A Link object.  Mostly pure Python, but contains some 
	    conditional Zope code

class ZLink(SimpleItem, Link):
	""" Zope version of Link """

zlink = ZLink(id='test', title='Test Link',

Now in the editZLinkForm.pt on zlink, I want to get access to the 
query items and their meta data.

   <tr tal:repeat="qi here/getQueryItems">
    <td tal:content="qi/getType">Data Type</td>
    <td tal:content="qi/getKey">Query Key</td>
    <td tal:content="qi/getVal">Query Value</td>

so the output would be:

    <td>['val2a', 'val2b']</td>

Unfortunately, when I try this ZPT fragment, I get the following 

Error Type:	TALESError
Error Value:	AccessControl.unauthorized.Unauthorized on You are 
		not allowed to access getType in this context in '', 
		line 113, column 10

The methods of KVItem are inaccessable.  However, I must be able to 
edit the metadata of the KVItem objects that make up the query of the 
Link URL so that link templates with dynamic query data can generated 
on the fly fron REQUEST and SESSION data.  I have messed with 
AccessControl.ModuleSecurityInfo in various places to see if I could 
gain access to the KVItem data to no avail.  At this point I am not 
sure what to do.  I have studied the Security chapter of the ZDG as 
well as searched the Zope site over and over.  

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Jarrod Kinsley